About This Site

This site is intended not just as a portfolio, but also as a sort of sandbox to try out different web technologies. The static content is generated by the Gridsome Vue.js framework and TypeScript, while the backend is a server built with the Rust Actix-Web framework that I deployed via a Docker container and Google Application Engine.


A linden is a kind of tree; hence the domain name.

About Me


I was born in San Francisco and have spent most of my life in the Bay Area. Due to family circumstances, I was placed in foster care when I was twelve. After aging out of the foster care system, I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in history and spent several years as an English tutor before attending the Hack Reactor software bootcamp and transitioning into coding.

Outside of coding, I mostly read novels and play the Asian board game of Go. I also enjoy studying Japanese and am translating a children's novel; you can read my translation here.